MTO Courses

Technicians and technologists who want designations from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) and/or the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) can take the following CEO courses.


Highway Construction Inspection

This course is intended for personnel at the junior inspector level, with 1-2 years of field experience, who want to advance to the senior inspector level or for contract administration personnel who wish to enhance their understanding of the contract inspection and administration process. MTO construction personnel with responsibilities for consultant assignments will also benefit from this course. With appropriate field experience, this course is approved to meet part of the criteria of the MTO/OACETT Road Construction Senior Inspector (RCSI) designation. This course is a prerequisite for Contract Administration course.



  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • OHSA - Site Safety and the Constructor Issue

  • Pre-Construction Activities

  • Traffic Control and Construction Signing

  • Construction Survey

  • Grading, Drainage and Granular Inspection

  • Documentation and Diary Keeping

  • Hot Mix Paving Inspection

  • Payment Verification

  • Concrete and Structural Inspection

  • Contractor QC - QVE

  • Post Construction Activities

  • Construction Administration and Inspection Task Manual


Contract Administration

This course will prepare consulting engineering personnel for the role of Contract Administrator and is also intended for MTO personnel with responsibilities for consultant assignments. With appropriate field experience, this course is approved to meet part of the criteria of the MTO/OACETT Road Construction Contract Administrator (RCCA) designation.


  •  Roles and Responsibilities

  • Payment Verification and Contract Changes

  • Pre-Construction Activities

  • Contractor QC - QVE

  • The Constructor Issue

  • Hot Mix Paving

  • Construction Signing and Traffic Control

  • Concrete and Structures

  • Contract Types and Duration

  • Substantial Performance and Completion

  • Aggregates

  • Post Construction Activities


Highway Construction Inspection course. Participants are eligible for 10 OACETT points upon successful completion of the course.


Road Construction Contract Administration Recertification Course

This course is designed to update consulting engineering personnel on changes in policies and procedures, as well as administration and inspection procedural clarifications relevant to MTO Contract Administration Assignment. This course is also relevant for MTO personnel with responsibilities for consultant assignments and contractors.

This course is aimed at road construction contract administrators and is a requirement to maintain your RCCA designation. All OACETT members with the RCCA designation are required to complete the Road Construction Contract Administrator Recertification course every three years.


  • New Specifications, Policies and Procedures

  • Environmental Protection Concerns

  • Consultant Liability

  • Health and Safety on the Work Site

  • Change Orders – When and Why?

  • Clarification on Administration Issues

  • Other Topics from MTO, CEO and OACETT


Courses often fill up quickly. To join the CEO's list for future sessions, please contact Lauryn Weinberger, Members Services and Events Planner at 416-620-1400 or