Ministry of Transportation

MTO Geometric Design Manual

Click here to download the Provincial Engineering Memorandum.

Later this year the Ontario Ministry of Transportation will be moving towards use of the recently developed Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Geometric Design Guidelines, which are due to be published this fall.  MTO is currently developing supplemental documents to provide more specific guidance for how the TAC Geometric Design Guidelines will be used in Ontario.     

MTO PMBP Update Notice for April 2017

The changes to the MTO Project Management Best Practices (PMBP) website for April 2017 are in the table below. Consultants can obtain the website address from their MTO Project Manager.

Changes to the Website



April 2017

New Reference Documents Added

  • Culvert Replacement/Extension Best Management Practice for Fisheries

Removed Reference Documents

Network Planning
  • Corridor Investment Planning Manual – June 2008
  • Freight Supportive Guidelines, link
  • Transit Supportive Guidelines, link
  • Exception Submission and Approval Form
Links page - Head Office
  • Contract Management Office, link
Links page - Project Management Sites of Interest
  • Project Management Institute (PMI), link
  • PMI Southern Ontario Chapter