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  Fort Erie
  Fort Frances
  Halton Hills (Georgetown)
  King City
  Kirkland Lake
  Mount Forest
  New Liskeard
  Niagara Falls
  North Bay
  North York
  Owen Sound
  Parry Sound
  Port Colborne
  Port Elgin
  Port Hope
  Richmond Hill
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  Building Science
  Chemical Engineering
  Cold Climate Engineering
  Communications / Telecommunications
  Computer Science
  Energy Geoscience
  Environmental Geoscience
  Marine and Costal
  Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  Mineral Geoscience
  Mining Engineering
  Occupational Health & Saftey
  Petroleum Engineering
  Pressure Vessels
  Project Management
  Surveying and Mapping
  Temporary Works

Sub Specialization

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  Aerospace - Aerospace
  Agriculture - Food Processing and Storage
  Agriculture - Agricultural Engineering / Agrology
  Agriculture - Drainage Studies / Surveys
  Agriculture - Draining and Irrigation systems / Networks
  Agriculture - Farm Buildings
  Agriculture - Farm Machinery and Equipment
  Agriculture - Farmland Resources: Surveys and Improvement Works
  Agriculture - Agricultural Environment Organic Waste Disposal in Rural Area
  Agriculture - Grains and Feeds: Drying, Cleaning, Handling, Processing
  Agriculture - Irrigation
  Agriculture - Land Drainage
  Agriculture - Nutrient Management
  Agriculture - Rural Planning and Development
  Agriculture - Water and Soil Conservation Engineering
  Building Science - Preliminary / Final Design
  Building Science - Acoustics
  Building Science - BCIN Certification
  Building Science - Capital Planning
  Building Science - Ergonomics
  Building Science - Fire Protection / Prevention
  Building Science - Inspections / Investigations
  Building Science - LEED
  Building Science - Architecture
  Building Science - Registered Code Agency
  Building Science - Repair / Restoration
  Building Science - Residential
  Building Science - Roofing and Waterproofing
  Building Science - Technical Audits
  Building Science - Walls and Cladding
  Building Science - Windows
  Chemical Engineering - Desalination
  Chemical Engineering - Food Processing
  Chemical Engineering - Plastics
  Chemical Engineering - Process Design
  Chemical Engineering - Synthetic Fibres
  Cold Climate Engineering - Building Design for Arctic Conditions
  Cold Climate Engineering - Diesel Power Generation
  Cold Climate Engineering - Ice Core Dams
  Cold Climate Engineering - Ice Road Design
  Cold Climate Engineering - Permafrost Investigations
  Cold Climate Engineering - Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Storage and Handling
  Cold Climate Engineering - Thermosyphons
  Communications / Telecommunications - AM/FM Broadcasting
  Communications / Telecommunications - Data Transmission Systems
  Communications / Telecommunications - Fibre Optics
  Communications / Telecommunications - Program Production Facilities
  Communications / Telecommunications - Terrestrial Satellite Links
  Communications / Telecommunications - TV and CATV
  Communications / Telecommunications - Wireless Systems
  Computer Science - Client / Server
  Computer Science - Computational Mechanics
  Computer Science - Controls
  Computer Science - Database Management
  Computer Science - Ergonomics
  Computer Science - Internet / Intranet
  Computer Science - Process Automation
  Computer Science - Robotics
  Computer Science - Software Development
  Electrical - Alarm and Security Systems
  Electrical - BCIN Certification
  Electrical - Building Systems
  Electrical - Energy Conservation
  Electrical - Illumination and Lighting
  Electrical - Motors and Generators
  Electrical - Power Transmission and Distribution
  Electrical - Registered Code Agency
  Electrical - Residential
  Energy - Electric Power Systems Analysis
  Energy - Biomass / Wood
  Energy - Cogeneration
  Energy - District Heating and Co-Generation
  Energy - Electric Power Generation
  Energy - Coal Processing / Transportation
  Energy - Energy Conservation
  Energy - Oil and Gas Pipelines
  Energy - Oil and Gas Production / Storage / Distribution
  Energy - Oil and Gas Refineries / Processing Plants
  Energy - Solar Energy
  Energy - Steam Power Generation
  Energy - Wind Energy
  Energy Geoscience - Coal Bed Methane
  Energy Geoscience - Coal Exploration / Mining
  Energy Geoscience - Energy Reserves
  Energy Geoscience - Petroleum Development
  Energy Geoscience - Petroleum Exploration
  Environmental - LEED
  Environmental - Air Quality Management
  Environmental - Environmental Litigation Support
  Environmental - Environmental Site Assessments and Audits
  Environmental - Groundwater Resources / Hydrogeology
  Environmental - Industrial Hygiene and Safety
  Environmental - Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  Environmental - Laboratory and Treatability Studies
  Environmental - Environmental Assessments
  Environmental - Mould Studies
  Environmental - Noise and Vibration
  Environmental - Physical Environmental Mapping and Analysis
  Environmental - Record of Site Condition
  Environmental - Risk Assessment
  Environmental - Solid / Hazardous Waste Management
  Environmental - Surface Water Resources
  Environmental - Underground Storage Tank Management
  Environmental Geoscience - Hydrogeology & Groundwater
  Environmental Geoscience - Terrain analysis / Remote Sensing
  Environmental Geoscience - Waste Management / Mitigation / Disposal
  Fisheries - Fish By-products: Processing
  Fisheries - Fish Processing / Storage
  Fisheries - Fishery Resources: Evaluation, Development, Operations
  Fisheries - Fishing Vessels Gear / Equipment
  Fisheries - Marine Biology and Oceanography
  Fisheries - Maritime / Harbour Engineering, Trans-shipment Equipment
  Fisheries - Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS)
  Fisheries - Naval Architecture and Boat Construction
  Fisheries - Remote Sensing
  Forensic - Accident Reconstruction
  Forensic - Cladding Failures
  Forensic - Electrical / Mechanical Failures
  Forensic - Fire and Explosions
  Forensic - Investigation and Settlement of Claims
  Forensic - Process Support Facilities
  Forensic - Product Failures and Liability
  Forensic - Structural Failures
  Forensic - Wind and Water Damage
  Forestry - Building Materials: Plywood, Lumber Manufacturing, etc.
  Forestry - Forest Harvesting
  Forestry - Forestry Engineering
  Forestry - Forestry
  Forestry - Pulp / Paper Plants, Products
  Forestry - Pulp, Paper, Fiber Board
  Forestry - Timber Engineering
  Forestry - Timber Grading, Wood Species Identification, Wood Damage Assessment
  Geophysics - Mining Geophysics
  Geophysics - Seismic Acquisition / Analysis
  Geotechnical - Aggregate Exploration and Evaluation
  Geotechnical - BCIN Certification
  Geotechnical - Earth Structures
  Geotechnical - Foundations
  Geotechnical - Geohazard Mapping
  Geotechnical - Laboratory Testing
  Geotechnical - Site Investigations
  Geotechnical - Soil and Rock Mechanics
  Geotechnical - Soil Stabilization
  Industrial - Ergonomics
  Industrial - Hydraulic Engineering
  Industrial - Machine Design
  Industrial - Manufacturing Facilities
  Industrial - Materials Handling
  Industrial - Materials Storage
  Industrial - Plant Maintenance
  Industrial - Product and Process Design
  Industrial - Time Motion Studies
  Industrial - Transportation/Automotive Equipment
  Marine and Coastal - Erosion Protection
  Marine and Coastal - Marinas
  Marine and Coastal - Ports and Terminals
  Marine and Coastal - Shore Erosion Processes and Assessment
  Marine and Coastal - Underwater Surveys
  Marine and Coastal - Waterfront Planning
  Materials - Analysis
  Materials - Corrosion Control and Remediation
  Materials - Design and Selection
  Materials - Quality Issues
  Materials - Specifications and Manuals
  Materials - Testing and Certification
  Materials - Welding
  Mechanical - Heating, Ventilation, A/C
  Mechanical - BCIN Certification
  Mechanical - Computer Aided Engineering
  Mechanical - Cranes and Derricks
  Mechanical - Finite Element Analysis
  Mechanical - Fire Protections Systems
  Mechanical - Computational Fluid Dynamics
  Mechanical - Machine Design
  Mechanical - Plumbing and Piping
  Mechanical - Refrigeration
  Mechanical - Registered Code Agency
  Mechanical - Residential
  Mechanical - Software Development
  Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  Mineral Geoscience - Mineral Exploration
  Mineral Geoscience - Mineral Reserves
  Mineral Geoscience - Mining Geology
  Mineral Geoscience - Rock Mechanics
  Mining Engineering - Blasting Control
  Mining Engineering - Iron and Steel Works
  Mining Engineering - Metallurgy Extractive
  Mining Engineering - Metals / Minerals / Ore Dressing
  Mining Engineering - Non-Ferrous Metals
  Mining Engineering - Open Pit / Underground Mining
  Municipal - Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  Municipal - Residuals Management
  Municipal - Roads and Streets
  Municipal - Stormwater Management
  Municipal - Wastewater Collection and Treatment
  Municipal - Wastewater Management
  Municipal - Water Supply and Treatment
  Occupational Health & Safety - Area Classifications
  Occupational Health & Safety - Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews
  Petroleum Engineering - Acquisitions and Divestitures
  Petroleum Engineering - Evaluations
  Petroleum Engineering - Expert Witness
  Petroleum Engineering - Exploitation
  Petroleum Engineering - Feasibility Studies
  Petroleum Engineering - Reservoir Engineering
  Petroleum Engineering - Well Test Analysis
  Planning - Drainage Studies
  Planning - Industrial Parks
  Planning - Land Use
  Planning - Site Plans
  Planning - Subdivision Plans
  Planning - Urban and Rural Design
  Pressure Vessels - Design Modifications
  Pressure Vessels - Process Piping Design
  Project Management - Construction Management
  Project Management - Construction Quality Control
  Project Management - Contract Administration
  Project Management - Management of Design
  Project Management - Procurement Management
  Project Management - Project Control and Risk Management
  Project Management - Related Management Services
  Project Management - Value Engineering
  Research - Feasibility Studies
  Research - Technology Assessment
  Structural - Buildings
  Structural - Other
  Surveying and Mapping - Aerial Photography: Photogrammetry / Photo Interpretation / Cartography
  Surveying and Mapping - Construction Layout Surveys
  Surveying and Mapping - Geographic Information Systems
  Surveying and Mapping - Land Surveying / Cadaster
  Surveying and Mapping - Remote Sensing / Satellite Data Interpretation / Imagery
  Surveying and Mapping - Resource Surveys, Exploration and Planning
  Surveying and Mapping - Topographic Surveys
  Temporary Works - Excavation Enclosures
  Temporary Works - Formwork
  Temporary Works - Lifting and Moving
  Temporary Works - Scaffolding
  Temporary Works - Structural Shoring
  Transportation - Ports and Harbours
  Transportation - Airports
  Transportation - Long Distance Rail
  Transportation - Pavement Design
  Transportation - Pavement Management Services
  Transportation - Highway and Road Safety
  Transportation - Roads and Highways
  Transportation - Terminals and Service Centres
  Transportation - Traffic Engineering and Control
  Transportation - Transportation Planning
  Transportation - Urban Public Transit
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