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Employees and principals of our member firms can take advantage of the benefits CEO offers.

 Here are the benefits the CEO members enjoy:
  • Subscription to the latest industry and regulatory affairs updates.
  • Full access to relevant industry resources and publications.
  • Business risk negotiation with clients in the broader public sector.
  • Proven impact on public policy in municipal and provincial governments.
  • Volunteer opportunities in elected leadership roles, committees and CEO publications.
  • Discounted registration fees to professional development courses and seminars.
  • Full access to online Membership Directory.
  • Discounted home and auto insurance coverage through AEROridge Insurance Brokers.
  • Access to Human Resources services and products through TwoGreySuits.
  • Benefit Partners Collective Purchasing Program for group health insurance.
  • Automatic membership in the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada.
  • Networking opportunities through our social and professional development events.