Conflict of Interest

As more infrastructure projects in Ontario are delivered using alternative delivery methods, a growing number of consulting engineering firms are working directly with the Government of Ontario and its agencies.

Despite these projects often being large and complex involving multiple parties in planning, design, construction, financing and operations, until now there has not yet been a universal process developed and implemented to address different types of potential conflict of interest or unfair advantage (COI/UA) situations. As a result, the consulting engineering industry has faced substantial challenges in delivering its projects.

As the association advocating for the business interests of about 130 consulting engineering firms in the province, we published the The Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Consulting Engineering Services in Ontario. This document will help both consulting engineering industry and public sector clients better address and make informed decisions when confronted with COI/UA situations. A lack of standard guidelines has been hindering all parties from resolving instances of COI/UA in a timely manner, consequently delaying projects.


A consistent use of these guidelines will not only help reduce significant costs burdening public sector clients, it will also ensure all parties benefit from the minimization of COI/UA situations. This will allow the province’s best engineering talent to continue playing its important role in delivering large-scale infrastructure projects and thereby best serving the interests of the people of Ontario.

Click here to download the Conflict of Interest Guidelines.