MEA | CEO Standard Agreement

Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO), in partnership with the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA), has developed a Standard Client/Engineer Agreement for Professional Consulting Services.

The consulting engineering sector is one of few professional service providers that allow clients to prescribe the terms and conditions under which they offer their services. The two associations have worked closely together to review and update the 2006 version of the MEA | CEO Agreement for Engineering Services so that municipalities can use a contract that is current with the present business landscape.

The updated standard agreement aims at helping Ontario’s 444 municipalities practice a fair procurement process by outlining equitable, consistent terms and conditions for both clients and consulting engineers.

CEO has updated the MEA | CEO Agreement for Professional Consulting Services to a fillable field format that will enable municipalities to customize the agreement for individual projects and to easily make necessary changes through supplementary conditions. CEO has also created a comprehensive User Guide to provide clarification and guidance to municipalities and engineers who are entering into a contractual agreement to complete professional consulting services. Each municipality’s works, legal and purchasing departments should review the standard agreement to ensure all desired professional engineering procurement needs are addressed. CEO and MEA do not assume liability from the use of this agreement.

Download materials:

  • Click here to dowload the Standard Agreement, with fillable fields.

  • Click here to download the User Guide.

  • Click on the image to download the MEA | CEO postcard.