About Us

Consulting engineering firms often lack the resources to make their voice heard about changes that would help build their business. There are two main purposes for associations like ours: to do together what we can’t do individually and to do it with anonymity.

Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) was founded in 1975 to represent the business interests of approximately 200 consulting engineering firms employing more than 20,000 Ontarians. CEO works with all levels of government and other stakeholders to promote fair procurement and business practices to support its member firms as necessary. 

CEO is a member organization of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada (ACEC) and International Federation for Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). When a company joins CEO, it automatically joins the ACEC and FIDIC.

CEO is an important player in the Consulting Engineering industry in Ontario who deals with several different types of clients on a regular basis. CEO believes in a transparent business practice so everyone is aware of who they are working with. That’s why CEO has decided to put its Strategic Plan out in the open. Click here to view it.