CEO Expresses Regulatory Concerns to the Attorney General

CEO’s member firms work within a regulated industry. Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) is the body responsible for administering the Professional Engineers Act, and they are obligated under that Act to regulate the practice of professional engineering and set standards of qualification, pr...

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Closing the gender gap

It has become almost trite to say that diversity is important in the context of collaboration and decision making. We pretty much take that fact for granted now, but we seem to be at a point where we pay lip service to it rather than take action to benefit from it. I believe it’s time for a ne...

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CEO identifies need for increased action to boost industry diversity

More organizations need to recognize that diversity of perspectives in the engineering and design profession leads to more creative and innovative solutions to challenges and ultimately better decisions and outcomes, says the chief executive officer of Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO). “...

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