MTO PMBP Update Notice for December 2016

The changes to the MTO Project Management Best Practice website for December 2016 are in the table below. Consultants can obtain the website address from their MTO Project Manager.

New Reference Documents Added

Policy Memos - HSB Provincial Engineering Memorandum

  • HSBM DCSO 2016-15 December 15, 2016 Steel Beam Terminal - Implementation of Mash System and Cancellation of
  • Eccentric Loader Terminal Tender Item
  • HSBM DCSO 2016-16 December 15, 2016 Crash-Cushion Attenuating Terminal System - Cancellation of Tender Item and


  • HSBM Director's Office 2016-10 December 13, 2016 Utility Cost Sharing
  • HSBM Director's Office 2016-11 December 15, 2016 Implementation Process for the Design-Build Screening Tool
  • HSBM Director's Office 2016-12 December 19, 2016 Rockfall Hazard Management Policy

Removed Reference Documents

Structural(Bridge Office Design Bulletins cancelled and content included in publications as appropriate.)

  • Clarification of What is Considered a Lifeline, Emergency or Other Bridges for Seismic Design
  • Portable Temporary Traffic Signals Policy 2008