Metrolinx publishes GO Design Requirements Manual

Metrolinx has released its updated GO Transit Design Requirements Manual (DRM).  A foundation document, Metrolinx expects the manual to be used by proponents as the starting point for design on its projects.  It is part of a suite of agency standards that also includes the Static Signage Catalog and Standard Drawings and Specifications. 

Changes to the manual include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction from 737 pages to 230 pages

  • New and updated infrastructure requirements:

    • Interior Station Design

    • Digital Signage

    • Communications Hierarchy related to signage

    • Retail space and service allocations

    • Fare System placement

    • Two way communication device guidance

    • Rail Platform design

    • Fixtures and Furnishings

  • More streamlined presentation of information, including more tables, schematics and concept images.

  • New appendices and standard drawings and specs (removed from overall body of document), for technical details.

  • Those CEO members wishing an orientation to the manual can contact:


Karla Avis-Birch, P.Eng
Director Stouffville Corridor Infrastructure / Stations Centre of Excellence, Regional Express Rail

Capital Projects Group , Metrolinx
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