Infrastructure Ontario Renewal of Real Estate Vendor of Record System

Infrastructure Ontario’s (IO) Real Estate Division has issued a renewal of its Vendor of Record (VOR) for engineering and technical services.

The system will create a new pre-qualified list of firms that will be eligible to provide services to the agency and its project management service providers (PMSPs). Firms interested in qualifying for the VOR have the opportunity to submit a request for proposal via Biddingo until June 8, 2017. Those firms selected to be on the VOR list will be eligible to be invited to submit responses to agency bid call documents for specific assignments. All firms currently on the agency’s VOR must apply to be included on the VOR list.

The agency will be extending its current VOR Master Agreement terms and conditions beyond the July 1, 2017 expiration date. This is being done to provide an opportunity to evaluate terms and conditions of the new Master Agreement. Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) has been assured by agency staff that the terms and conditions of the Master Agreement will be made available for its review and feedback. The agency has also assured CEO that earlier concerns over language contained in the current Master Agreement empowering it to summarily terminate contracts with vendors on the suspicion of fraudulent practices have been properly addressed.

Click here to read the details of the Renewed VOR.