Ontario moves to finalize development of revised regulation for Municipal Asset Management Planning

The province is in the process of finalizing a revised regulation for municipal asset management planning, as required under the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015.

For more than a year, CEO has been working closely with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and other industry stakeholders to develop a proposal for an updated regulation that would encourage continued improvement in municipal asset management plans.

 The Ministry of Infrastructure has just initiated a 60-day comment period on the proposed draft regulation. CEO will be continuing its active advocacy for the development of an updated regulation that will emphasize the imperative for evidence-based decision making as the impetus for effective infrastructure planning and investment.

 Those interested in working with CEO to develop an industry-representative response for the current consultation period are encouraged to contact David Zurawel, CEO’s Director of Government and Stakeholder Relations at 416-620-1400, ext. 222 or via email at