Region of Peel’s new Engineering Consultant Performance Evaluation Procedure Orientation

Date: Monday, June 19, 2017 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Location: Suite A, 5th Floor, 10 Peel Centre Drive , Brampton, ON

Performance Evaluation Procedure.
In alignment with the Region of Peel’s 20–year Business Plan, which places an emphasis on outcomes, the Region of Peel has developed a process to measure and track vendor performance over time. As such and after consultation with the Consulting Engineers of Ontario, the Region of Peel is launching a new Engineering Consultant Performance Evaluation Procedure. Peel Region would like to share with the CEO members what the Region plans to accomplish and details of this new Procedure (to be implemented in summer of 2017 for applicable Peel-awarded engineering assignments) and invite you to an information session to learn more about the Engineering Consultant Performance Evaluation Procedure.

Why the New Evaluation Procedure?

  • Increased consistency and rigor in evaluating Consultant performance
  • Recognition of good quality Consultant performance
  • Limits subjectivity and informs evidence-based decision making
  • Increased alignment between Contractor and Consultant evaluation procedures

Expected Outcomes:

  • Timely communication and feedback
  • Recognition and incentives for Consultants
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Limited subjectivity
  • Streamlined decision making

To learn more about the details of the new Engineering Consultant Evaluation Procedure, please attend the orientation at 10 Peel Centre Drive on the 5th Floor of Suite A in the Council Chambers.