Briefing Note on the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017

Sherrard Kuzz LLP has made available an executive summary, including specific commentary, of the Special Advisors’s Final Report of the Changing Workplaces Review and Bill 148. It is available here.

CEO previously communicated that the proposed legislation represented sweeping changes to Ontario’s Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act, and also amends other related statutes. The proposed changes will in some way impact all businesses in Ontario.

In a recent note, Sherrard Kuzz has stated that:

“What has caught the attention of the employer community is the degree to which many of the amendments in Bill 148 go far beyond the recommendations of the Special Advisors.  It is our view the amendments signal a clear intention on the part of the Government to focus on the demands of unions and employee advocates to the detriment of business and a strong economy.  Small business, in particular, responsible for 28% of Ontario’s gross domestic product and 66% of private-sector employment in Ontario, is likely to suffer most significantly.” 

The government is moving quickly with this legislation as the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs is scheduled to review the Bill throughout the summer. 

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