City of Toronto Changes lobbying by-law

CEO members who lobby City of Toronto officials are advised that City Council has approved three significant changes to the Lobbying By-law that took effect May 5, 2016.

These changes stipulate that:

  1. Consultant lobbyists must now identify their ultimate client;
  2. The Lobbyist Registrar may impose certain conditions on new and existing registrations when a lobbyist has been found to be in breach of the By-law; and,
  3. The Lobbyist Registrar may impose a temporary ban against a lobbyist who has been found to have breached the By-law.

Details pertaining to these three changes to the Lobbying By-law are attached with this communication. Should you have any questions or concerns about these changes, you can contact David Zurawel at 416-620-1400 ext. 222 or [email protected].


Interpretation Bulletin - Imposing Conditions for Registration-Procedures

Interpretation Bulletin - Imposing Temp Bans on Lobbying-Procedures

Interpretation Bulletin - What Information must a consultant lobbyist Provide