CEO urges Ford government to set out infrastructure priorities

Ontario is facing a massive infrastructure deficit and the new Doug Ford government needs to have a plan with respect to infrastructure priorities and investments, says Bruce Matthews, the recently appointed chief executive officer of Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO). Read more via DCN.

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Long-term planning needed to avoid political interference, writes Bruce G. Matthews

Why is infrastructure planning and execution for the GTA such a challenge for municipal and provincial governments? Part of the answer is time. Governments plan and work on a four-year election cycle. The life-cycle of an infrastructure project, be it roads, water and sewers, or transit, far exceed...

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CEO's CEO speaks on the infrastructure challenges Ontario's new government faces

Good infrastructure is that which delivers the best life-cycle value to those who depend on it and those who have to pay for it. Good infrastructure can only be accomplished by sound planning and consistent investment, both in the context of new construction and in support of maintenance and refurbi...

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