Benefit Partners offers the BIG COMPANY advantage™ to all CEO member firms. You can save a significant amount of money on your benefits plan by getting insurance companies to treat you like a BIG COMPANY!

Membership in CEO entitles your company to a “no obligation” financial assessment of your current program. This Preliminary Assessment will show you the financial difference with the CEO Big Company Advantage™ program and your existing benefits program.

The biggest issue today in the Benefits world is Sustainability of Benefits. Costs are expected to escalate dramatically due to the introduction of hundreds of new specialty drugs to the market place. Some in excess of $100,000. We have leading edge solutions for the members who need assistance in preparing for this storm. We have been CEO’s trusted advisor for over 20 years. For more information, please watch the Big Company Advantage™ video on Contact Benefit Partners to arrange a time for them to come in and explain the program to you.

Dan Millar or call Toll Free 1-877-417-6735 ext. 1

CEO has entered into a license agreement with TwoGreySuits which provides free access for all CEO members to their HR website. The HR Power Centre on the website contains pertinent information (500 downloadable documents) to enable members to build or maintain a robust HR function in their company. The most recent TwoGreySuits product update includes state of the art on-line Employee Engagement certification training for Managers, which essentially ties together the website materials and implementation of various people management/employee engagement initiatives.

The 24/7 HR hotline is also included 1.888.661.9234. Click here to read the TwoGreySuits blog.

Aeroridge Insurance Brokers Ltd. offers group rates and additional discounts on auto and home insurance. Request a quote by contacting Conrad Dion at 1-888-685-2376 or  to see how much you can save you on your home and auto insurance. Aeroridge Insurance does not require a down payment in order to switch your car and home insurance. Click here to visit the Aeroridge website. 

New clients will be entered in Aeroridge's Select Sweepstakes and eligible for a chance to win one of six new vehicles. If you are an existing client, simply call Aeroridge or send an email to to enter the Sweepstakes. Click here for more details. 

CEO member surveys tell us that hiring is one of your biggest challenges. That’s why we have partnered with the leading hiring solution for small and medium sized engineering companies in Canada – Fitzii.

Fitzii is an “all-in-one” hiring partner that combines a variety of expert services with smart recruitment tools and software to help smaller companies hire better and more confidently, while saving a lot of time, frustration, and money at every step.

CEO members are entitled to a free $250 credit with Fitzii that can be applied to any of their affordable services – from job advertising and search, to shortlisting and screening.

CEO has used Fitzii for recent hiring and saved both time and money. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity.

 To learn more and register for your $250 credit with Fitzii visit our partnership page.